Falck Medical

The FAT1 device raises the standard of care, enhances public safety and adds revenue. It would be difficult to understand on a rational basis why a licensed practitioner would decline the use of this technology.
Francis Falck, Jr., MD, PhD, MS
Inventor of FAT1 & CEO, Falck Medical

New Release


multifunction tonometer

The New Standard

This revolutionary device is a result of over 18 years of development by Falck Medical, INC. The device received FDA clearance in 2017 and is now pursuing a nationwide presence. The device is a slitlamp mounted, FDA approved for Tonometry, Ocular Pulse Amplitude, Tonography and Ophthalmodynamometry. The device features uses a patented single use disposable prism effectively blocks transmission of infectious disease and eliminates risk of transmission. Data can be exported to a numeric file in a format that can be imported into Electronic Medical Records. 

  • Tonometry – IOP Measurement
  • Ocular Pulse Amplitude Measurement
  • Tonography Measurement
  • Ophthalmodynamometry Measurement
Billing Codes

Eligible CPT codes for the FMAT1. As always, Consult with insurance carriers.  

You can now own the most technologically advanced multifunction tonometer, the FMAT1, and receive a significant savings. 


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