Baseline Ophthalmic Systems provides Lensometers from industry leading manufacturers, including Zeiss, Topcon, Marco/Nidek and Reichert. The Lensometers from Baseline are fully reconditioned to factory specification by manufacturer trained technicians.

About Lensometers-  A lensometer or lensmeter is used by eye care professionals to verify the prescription in eyeglass lenses. The device can also be used to make sure lenses are mounted correctly within a pair of glasses, and is also used during the eyewear making process to orient and mark lenses that have yet to be cut. An auto lensometer or automatic lensmeter offers technology advances to help speed up the process. Additionally, some of today’s automatic lensmeters can also check the prescriptions of bifocal/progressive lenses, evaluate contact lenses, and analyze lenses for UV protective properties.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. Thank you for considering Baseline Ophthalmic Systems for your Lensometry needs. 

Topcon CL200

Topcon CL-200 computerized lensometer. It combines innovative technology with ease-of-use. It features progressive lens measurement, a large color LCD monitor, and a new green light reading beam that enhances measurement precision. Due to the green light reading beam, ABBE compensation is no longer required.

Marco LM 970/990a

Auto Lensmeter of new generation. Nidek LM-990/LM-990A accomplishes precise measurement, quick response and easy operation.

  • Auto Read & Auto print
  • LCD computer lay-out
  • Simple progressive alignment
  • Fast read out time
  • Auto slab compensation
  • PD measurement (Model LM-990A)

Reichert AL200

The Reichert AL200 Auto Lensometer employs a horizontal design, which helps users who are accustomed to traditional manual lensmeters. To reduce operator error, it provides objective measurements for all lenses, including single vision, multi-focal, progressive addition lenses, and lenses with prism.