Baseline Ophthalmic Systems provides Optical Biometers from industry leading manufacturers, including Zeiss and Haag Streit, among others. The Optical Biometers from Baseline are fully reconditioned to factory specification by manufacturer trained technicians.

About Optical Biometers-  Optical Biometers are used to perform ocular biometry that measures the length of the eye, curve and width of the cornea, and anterior chamber depth. This information is normally used before refractive or cataract surgery to determine the intraocular lens (IOL) power a patient requires. An optical biometer uses a number of formulas used to calculate the IOL power, ultimately providing the accurate information a doctor would need prior to surgery.

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Zeiss IOLMaster version 3 - 7.5 (500 model)

Launched in 2000, the IOLMaster was the first automatic biometry system available which did not make contact with the patient’s eye. With 100 million power calculations performed worldwide, the IOLMaster is the Gold Standard in cataract biometry with precision that satisfies the demands of clinicians looking for optimal refractive outcomes.The new IOLMaster 500 features several advanced new capabilities.

Haag Streit Lenstar LS900

The Lenstar LS 900 from Haag-Streit provides highly accurate laser optic measurements for every section of the eye — from the cornea to the retina — and is the first optical biometer on the market that can measure the thickness of the crystalline lens. With its integrated Olsen formula and the optional Toric Planner featuring the Barrett Toric Calculator12, the Lenstar provides the user with latest technology in IOL prediction for any patient.