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Decrease work-up times and perform refractions in under 5 minutes to maximize efficiency.
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  • Refurbished Automated Refraction Systems Package (Workstation, Auto Refractor Keratometer, Lensometer, Auto Phoropter and more.)
  • Instant Rebate Incentives
  • Exclusive Financing, 0 down with payments deferred for 6 months
  • Additional Warranty Coverage up to 18 months
  • Receive a Acuity Pro Digital Acuity System with purchase of a Workstation package

Digitial Phoropter Only Configurations Available for Traditional Lane Installation

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Baseline Ophthalmic Systems appoints Dr. Jeff Klosterman, OD, National Director of Sales – Diagnostics and Advanced Vision Technology

For Immediate Release

February 25, 2020

Baseline Ophthalmic Systems appoints Dr. Jeff Klosterman, OD, National Director of Sales - Diagnostics and Advanced Vision Technology

Baseline Ophthalmic Systems Leadership Team

Sarasota, FL – February 25, 2020 — Baseline Ophthalmic Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Jeff Klosterman, OD, as National Director of Sales- Diagnostic and Advanced Vision Technology. Dr. Klosterman will oversee U.S. growth initiatives on Baseline Ophthalmic Systems extensive portfolio of new and pre-owned diagnostic eye care technology. Dr. Klosterman will also lead Baseline Ophthalmic Systems New Advanced Vision Technology division, specializing in Sports Vision Therapy Technology.

Dr. Klosterman has been immersed in the world of eye care for over 20 years. After receiving his Doctorate of Optometry, Klosterman launched his own private practice. Over the last decade, he pursued niche optometric practice offerings such as orthokeratology and sports vision training. This earned him national recognition amongst his peers leading to multiple consulting and speaking opportunities within the industry. Most recently, Dr. Klosterman founded MEYEND, LLC, a neuro-performance consulting and training company that caters to professional and collegiate programs and athletes.

 “I’m very excited to offer outstanding products and services of Baseline Ophthalmic Systems to my peers. I understand how important it is to have reliable cutting-edge technology from a reputable company who will stand with you when there are bumps in the road…and there are always bumps in the road in eye care practice. I couldn’t think of a more reputable group to align myself with than Baseline Ophthalmic Systems, said Dr. Klosterman.”

Heath Queen, President & CEO of Baseline Ophthalmic Systems, adds. “Dr. Klosterman has deep roots and a sterling track record in the eye care community. We will look to Dr. Klosterman’s leadership and expertise as our customers entrust us to deliver the highest level of support they deserve. Having Dr. Klosterman’s consult with his peers on his real-life practice experience with eye care technology, is an indicator to how Baseline Ophthalmic Systems delivers the very best customer focused experience.”

Dr. Klosterman graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Biology and received his Doctorate of Optometry from The Ohio State University College of Optometry.


Baseline Ophthalmic Systems, LLC based in Sarasota, FL is a distributor of new and pre-owned eye care technology solutions. A trusted partner of practitioners, Baseline Ophthalmic Systems offers access to the most affordable technology with the expertise and guidance to use it effectively. Baseline Ophthalmic Systems is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction by delivering innovative products, superior service, and patient outcome focused value.

Contact: Greg G. Moser, (513) 608-6688 / greg@baselineophthalmic.com


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Right now, with special financing through our financing partner, Stearns Bank, you’ll be able to customize and delay your payments into 2020. Contact us today and allow us to help you save a lot of money on your equipment purchase. Valid through 12/20/19. 

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New Launch Special Pricing on Clarity Amniotic Membrane Ocular Grafts

Triad Life Sciences Clarity Ocular Membrane Allografts
Exclusively from Baseline Ophthlamic Systems

New Launch Special Pricing
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Triad Life Sciences Dinner Series – Amniotic Membrane: Advanced Healing for the Ocular Surface

A Special Dinner Invitation for You!

Please join us for our informative and relaxed complimentary dinners to discuss the benefits of the Clarity™ Amniotic Tissue from Triad Life Sciences.
Amniotic Membrane: Advanced Healing for the Ocular Surface
These events provide a small group setting to discuss strategies for success. Join Trusted & Respected Speakers, and your peers to see how Clarity differs from all the other dehydrated tissues, and how doctors today are successfully integrating into their practices.

Dinners will be held in the following cities: Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH, Cincinnati OH, Lexington KY, Louisville KY, Nashville TN, Indianapolis IN

To be added to the dinner rosters in select cities please provide your contact information.  

Date & Time: TBD

Dinners sponsored by: 

Baseline Ophthalmic Systems Announce Strategic Customer Focused Relationship with Triad Life Sciences

Nov. 7, 2019 — Baseline Ophthalmic Systems, LLC is excited to announce a new customer-focused distributor relationship with Triad Life Sciences, Inc! Based in Memphis, TN, Triad Life Sciences is a science-driven, patient-focused biotech company dedicated to the innovation of tissue-based solutions for the treatment of acute or chronic wounds, soft tissue injuries, and other regenerative applications.

Triad’s Clarity® Ocular Graft is a sterile allograft indicated for ocular surface diseases and injuries, specifically used by eye physicians for the treatment of conditions of the cornea. Clarity® allografts are comprised of placental extracellular matrices (ECM) that have been donated by consenting mothers during full-term, healthy cesarean section deliveries. Utilizing the ECM’s native immune-privileged, bioactive properties, the Clarity® Ocular Graft encourages healing by providing a biological bandage for the injury while minimizing the risk of an inflammatory response.

“We are pleased and excited about helping advance ocular treatment by adding Clarity® Ocular Grafts to our portfolio of eye care solutions.  We strategically selected Triad Life Sciences based on its superior quality, value, and their focus on customer service.  We look forward to helping Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and their Patients with Triad’s innovative products and services,” said Heath Queen, CEO & President of Baseline Ophthalmic Systems.

Baseline Ophthalmic Systems, LLC is based in Sarasota, FL and leads the eyecare community with expert guidance and affordable technology by offering a portfolio of  technology and solutions for the advancement of eyecare to Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and their Patients. Baseline Ophthalmic Systems is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction by delivering innovative products, superior service, and patient outcome focused value.

Related Links: www.baselineophthalmic.com / www.triadls.com

Contact: Greg C. Moser – V.P. of Business Development, Baseline Ophthalmic Systems. (513) 608-6688

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Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro


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