Baseline Ophthalmic Systems signs exclusive distribution agreement with MicroMedical Devices

July. 17, 2020 — Baseline Ophthalmic Systems, LLC is excited to announce a new customer-focused distribution relationship with MicroMedical Devices, Inc! Based in Calabasas, CA, MicroMedical Devices (MMD) is a leading innovator of portable ophthalmic devices. 

The exclusive distribution agreement allows Baseline Ophthalmic to actively promote MMD’s devices such as VR virtual field perimetry, ultrasonic immersion-capable A-Scan biometers, surgical and non-surgical pachymeters, B-Scans and A-Scan & pachymeters, to the Ohio, Kentucky & Tennessee market. Among MMD’s cutting edge portable device portfolio, Baseline Ophthalmic will be promoting its flagship device in the VF2000-FDT Field Analyzer, the first commercially available Virtual Reality Visual Field technology.

The VF2000-FDT Field Analyzer is a revolutionary advancement in visual field testing. The VF2000 is designed to be easy-to-use, portable, wireless and affordable with superior accuracy and reliability. It is faster to perform than standard threshold-type field tests and it is less affected by patient refraction errors. It can perform a test in about one minute per eye; the resulting PDF reports are generated immediately on the system. It eliminates the need for a dedicated dark room, patching the fellow eye and trial lenses.

“This alliance with MMD and the breadth of portable devices brings great depth to our new & pre-owned technology portfolio offering. We’re delighted to provide our customers this breakthrough portable technology, especially the Visual Field Testing Technology,” says Heath Queen, President & CEO, Baseline Ophthalmic Systems. “Traditional Visual Field Analyzer systems have been expensive and they take up significant floor space in the office. The VF2000 is affordable and at the same time it removes the need to dedicate a room to the Visual Field testing. There are a number of reasons why patients have a difficult time taking the standard table top visual field test. With the VF2000 patients can relax comfortably during the test and enjoy the experience. Not to mention, it can be quickly cleaned and disinfected between patients, giving you peace of mind and protecting your patient’s health under the current COVID conditions. ”

Contact: Greg C. Moser – V.P. of Business Development, Baseline Ophthalmic Systems / (513) 608-6688